Within the first few years of my career, I came to realize that we were living in a time where musicians (out of necessity) were becoming more budget oriented and finding clever ways to lower the cost of their projects. Many artists would turn to project studios or even conduct their own recordings in their homes. The need for the big flashy studio seemed to be quickly diminishing. Instead of fighting or preaching against this methodology, I decided to embrace it and began helping bands get the most out of their projects, within their budget limitations. I began taking on projects with more of a producer's mentality, finding ways to help reduce costs while sacrificing as little as possible.

Unfortunately many project/home studios suffer from the following: poor room acoustics and low ceilings, budget microphones and preamps, small sounding analog to digital converters, limited studio monitors, but most common of all, the lack of recording and mixing experience. Simply put, most of these types of projects have that typical small, boxy, and lifeless home studio sound.

I pride myself on my dedication to overcoming those limitations. I will inform you of all options within your desired budget, and provide options for suitable acoustic environments to handle everything in between. When a project may require recording some elements, such as drums, in organically large spaces and other elements, such as keyboards, in more cost effective spaces, I aim to help you explore your options. The goal is to add color, life, and dynamics into your recording and avoid that “budget minded” sound.

I've had great results with this approach on my work with artists such as Youth Lagoon, SILVA, Roaming Herds of Buffalo, Lokk Boxx, Alvin and Lyle, and Cruisr, to name a few. If you'd like to pursue a DIY approach and maximize your sound by allowing me to guide you through carefully capturing your project, I'd love to assist you through that endeavor. Afterwards, we can take your songs even further by mixing and mastering with the experience and equipment typically only found in large scale studios. Working closely together, I know we can make something timeless, something that we'll be proud of for years to come.

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Photo by: Kelley Ekle