PACKAGED RATES  (Unsigned Local Artists)

Demo Package                                                                               Per Song  $165

Includes live recording, vocal overdubs, and basic mixing.  Revisions are billed separately.

Recording Package (High Fidelity Recording)                                      Per Day    $275

Includes 1 preproduction meeting and a full day of recording at a studio of your choice or at Jeremy’s residential-based-studio, The Bonus Room. *(any off-site studio rental charges are billed separately)*

Signature Mix Package (Mixing & Postproduction)                           Per Song   $330

Includes a full day mix and up to 3 revisions. A customized professional mix with all the bells and whistles - Pro Tools HD system, pristine converters, and a hybrid setup – utilizing a combination of state-of-the-art plug-ins, outboard analog summing and external processing.

Producer Package (Complete Production)                                        Per Song   $775

Includes multiple preproduction meetings, assistance in song development, full multi-track recording and mixing, producer/engineer, and full production suite. Requires 3 to 5 point artist/producer agreement. Also includes “Signature Mix Package” and up to 3 mix revisions.

Production Add-On (Additional Creative Production)              Per Song (call for price)

Includes multiple preproduction meetings and creative direction for recording and/or mixing. A “Production Add-On” may include, and is not limited to: producer arrangements, instrumentation, and performances; arranging and/or performing backing vocals; drum programming; assistance in songwriting; overall creative vision of sound recordings, mixes, and/or masters. Requires 3 to 5 point artist/producer agreement.


* These rates are designed specifically for unsigned local artists hiring Jeremy Park in his residential based studio. If you plan to hire Jeremy outside of this arrangement, you may be subject to additional expenses such as and not limited to: commercial studio time, producer fees, transportation and lodging fees, etc.

* If you are a signed artist please contact manager, Paul Redmond at or call   (208) 550-4940 for more information.