Recording/Mixing Consulting and AVID Pro Tools Tutoring

Receive professional assistance from a Pro Tools Certified Engineer regarding your recording, mixing, or recording setup.

In House Consulting or Tutoring                                                            Hourly $25

On Site Consulting or Tutoring                                                               Hourly $35

AVID Pro Tools Assistance

Are you an owner of a Pro Tools system and know just enough to get by, but struggle with some of its features? Are you interested in getting the most out of your Pro Tools recording and mixing setup? Do you need assistance getting your system up and running? Are you interested in Pro Tools Software training? I can help you maximize your knowledge of this industry standard audio recording, editing, and mixing software. You'll learn everything you need to know about getting your Pro Tools LE or HD system running smoothly, and you'll also learn how to professionally and efficiently navigate through your sessions. Understand all the common functions and shortcuts so you’re not constantly fumbling around trying to find things. Why not really learn the capabilities of your plug-ins so you can get the most out of their features? Discover new and exciting things about Pro Tools in order to allow your creativity to break through your previous limitations. Actually create the sounds you have in your mind, without getting stuck. Learn several mixing techniques that will help you achieve a larger sound, and professionally get your tracks ready for mastering.

This service is offered to help aspiring artists and engineers get the most out of their Pro Tools systems. I offer assistance with Digidesign/AVID products only (the industry standard). I'm proficient in both LE and HD software (currently running version HD10).  Clients are encouraged to own some sort of Pro Tools system before enrolling in this service.

You'll learn from an educated and experienced Producer/Engineer, and Certified Digidesign/AVID Pro Tools Operator.

Some topics covered and services:

- Introduction to Pro Tools

- Understanding how to properly manage Audio and MIDI

- System Configuration and Capabilities

- Editing Functions and Techniques (for both Audio and MIDI)

- Navigation Efficiency

- Getting the most out of your Plug-ins (eqs, compressors, effects, etc.)

- Integrating and using Virtual Instruments within Pro Tools sessions

- Using peripherals/MIDI controllers

- Beat Detective

- Drum Replacement techniques

- Elastic Audio (types and application)

- Mixing techniques

- Final Mix-down (getting your final mixes on CD, or exporting as MP3s, WAV, AIFF, etc.)

- Getting prepared for Mastering