Each professional mix is handled with care, including all the bells and whistles – Pro Tools HD system, pristine converters, and a hybrid setup – utilizing a combination of state-of-the-art plug-ins, outboard analog summing and external processing.

Short Mix Session

Custom Mix (up to 4 tracks)                                                                           Per Song   $145

Standard Mix Sessions

Custom Mix (up to 24 tracks)                                                                         Per Song   $295

Custom Mix (up to 48 tracks)                                                                         Per Song    $345

Mega Mix Sessions                                     

Custom Mix (up to 60 tracks)                                                                         Per Song    $395

Custom Mix (up to 96 tracks)                                                                         Per Song    $445



Stem Mixes                                                                                

(up to 12 stereo tracks)                                                                                    Per Song      $75

Stem mixes are the entire mix bounced down to smaller subgroups, usually between 4 and 12 stereo groups, such as Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Basses, Strings, etc., and can be used for other projects such as remixes, stem mastering, live performances, and for archival purposes. Stem mixes can be quite a process, as careful consideration is taken to select which instruments need to be grouped together, properly burning in any analog processing, and meticulous file management.

Vocal Tuning                    

Lead Vocal Tracks                                                                                           Per Song    $45

Additional Vocal Tracks                                                                                  Per Song    $15

Lead vocal tracks are handled with a precise note-for-note process, where transparency is of

the utmost importance. The process begins by digitally analyzing the specified track, and then meticulously going over the entire program, making fine-tuned smoothing adjustments by hand. The point is to help win the audience over with the absolute best vocal performance possible.

Drum Editing

Main Multi-track Drums                                                                      Up to 10 tracks    $45

Additional Drums                                                                            Additional Tracks      $5

There are times when drummers and bassists might need a little help in order to solidify and perfect the pulse of a song. This is always contingent upon the style of music, but for more pop and electronic styles, beat detective and quantization can transform a "pretty good" performance into a "big league" solid, professional performance. It will absolutely make a world of difference.